Welcome to CLIMB

We use mobile technology to offer support and deliver care to individuals who have experienced and/or experience psychosis.

The CLIMB lab is a digital health research group at UCSF headed by Dr. Bruno Biagianti, MD. We believe that mobile technology can facilitate access and utilization of mental health services for those who live in under-served areas and/or hesitate to approach traditional mental health clinics. Moreover, delivering treatment with mobile devices decreases scheduling burden and offers schedule flexibility. Our aim is to disseminate evidence-based psychological treatments for individuals who struggle with difficulties in social cognition, experience isolation, and wish to improve their social functioning.

In CLIMB, we remotely deliver a suite of digital diagnostic and treatment tools using iPads. The package includes a personalized social cognition training program, remote neuropsychological and clinical assessments, CBT-based group tele-therapy, and peer-to-peer secure social networking.

We promote a culture of inclusion in which we welcome and value everyone regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status and cultural background.